The Internet Has The BEST Response To Critics Of Beauty And The Beast's Gay Moment

The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast looks like it will be true to the original cartoon in plenty of ways. There are all of the classic songs — though some have slightly different lyrics — and, of course, Belle's (Emma Watson) scene-stealing yellow dress. But one major addition to the new film is that Gaston's sidekick, LeFou (played by Josh Gad in the 2017 movie), is openly gay.
Gad, for his part, told the Associated Press that he's "very proud" of the character reveal. Some people, though, aren't thrilled with the news. In fact, one theater in Alabama is refusing to show the movie following the news. And a Russian lawmaker wants to ban the film, too.
But it seems like there's one important detail about Beauty and the Beast the LeFou detractors are forgetting, and Twitter users have been quick to point it out. After all, isn't it a little weird to criticize a gay character when the film is about a woman falling in love with a beast?
The internet was quick to point out that the Beast more closely resembles a water buffalo than a human — which makes for a pretty jarring love story, if you think about it.
Some people didn't agree that the Beast looks like a buffalo, suggesting other animals he more closely resembles. (He definitely doesn't resemble a human, though.)
Of course, the Beast isn't actually an upright water buffalo — he's a man cursed into Beast form by an enchantress. But if you stop to think about the idea of a young girl falling in love with someone who looks like an animal, well, that is pretty strange.
Still the joke itself is a great response to critics of the news. There are plenty of Beauty and the Beast controversies that are worth discussing — but this isn't one of them.

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