This Is What The Best Love Actually Couple Look Like Now

Spoiler alert! The first photos of Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon from the set of the Love Actually sequel have found their way to Twitter and what they reveal is super exciting, if maybe not all that surprising.
Director Emma Freud sent two tweets this weekend that confirmed what many fans (and McCutcheon herself) had hoped: the Prime Minister, David, and his love, Natalie, are still together (and still gorgeous, obvi).
The first tweet shows McCutcheon's Natalie standing off to the side as she watches her (now!) husband, the PM. She looks pleased and proud and totally in love in a navy blue suit.
The second tweet shows the two actors with writer Richard Curtis and confirms that the on-screen duo married between films.
McCutcheon must be thrilled, as she was keeping her fingers crossed that the duo would still be together all these years later. She recently appeared on the show Loose Women, where she revealed that she was hoping that the two would still be an item in the reboot. "I’m hoping me and Hugh are still together because we’re filming together," she said on the show. "I'd love for them to have a couple of kids and for him to still be doing the silly dancing."
McCutcheon also revealed during that appearance that she and Grant have remained good friends since shooting the film and that they still text and see each other to this day. The sequel, which will be short films that reveal what everyone is up to now, is set to air for Red Nose Day, which is a charity event.
If everyone else looks as great as Grant and McCutcheon (and no doubt they will), the sequel will be as much fun as the original. I can't wait to see more sneak peeks from the set (I'm nosy like that).

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