Kristina Keeps Insisting Nick Viall Booted Her Too Early From The Bachelor

Photo: Michael Yada/ABC.
Nick Viall faced a tough decision the week before hometowns on this season of The Bachelor: Corrine or Kristina? As much as we all loved to hate Corrine (hello, female Chad), she and Nick shared an instant physical attraction, so much so that she kept interrupting other contestants to spend more time with him and his lips during her first night at the mansion. But, even though it took longer, Nick also sparked with Kristina in what seemed like a more genuine way. At least, to her.
I wasn’t surprised when Nick ultimately chose to send Kristina home and keep Corinne for another week. Nick’s season has been a strange one with quiet than exciting moments, and Corinne served the show's producers much-needed ratings gold between her “platinum vagine” and her poop-shoveling excuses. But there’s one person it did surprise and Kristina won’t stop talking about it.
Speaking with The Huffington Post’s Here to Make Friends podcast on Friday, she insisted Nick sent her home much too early. “Our time came so late, and I’m the type of person to want to try it all before we call it quits,” she said. “And to this day I’m left with ‘what if’ but I’ve come to terms with it.”
Kristina and Nick didn’t have a lasting connection. Did they get along? Did they have fun together? Sure. But their relationship never dove beneath surface level. By the time it came time to choose between Kristina and Corinne, it’s easy to see producers urging him in one specific blonde-haired direction because they didn’t want the show to lose its one big draw.
Nick has dutifully played his part even after Corinne left the week of hometowns. He opened up about how hard it was to let her go in his weekly People blog. "Saying goodbye to Corinne was terrible,” he shared. “Corinne is an exceptional woman who made such an impact on me during this journey. There are so many memorable moments we shared together.”
Kristina got the boot because she played the game wrong (and it is a game). She played honestly and with her feelings on the line. In the end, viewers (and apparently Nick) wanted a little less reality.

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