Ryan Murphy's Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky Show Just Got Meta

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Ryan Murphy has to be one of the busiest men in Hollywood. He has roughly 87 shows in the works and he still has time to do thoughtful interviews where he drops breadcrumbs about his shows.
In a podcast interview with Todd VanDerWerff’s on Vox's podcast, "I Think You’re Interesting," the director, producer, and writer gave away a few new tidbits about one of an upcoming election season of American Crime Story (yes — that's the award-winning O.J. Simpson one). If you hadn't yet heard the news, Murphy will be adapting Jeffrey Toobin's (yes — the journalist who wrote the Simpson book which Murphy then based the show around) book about the political scandal surrounding Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky-Linda Tripp trifecta.
Murphy said much of the story line, which will be the fourth installment in his American Crime Story anthology, was written at a very fitting (and ironic) time. "Ironically, right when the election was happening, on American Crime Story we were working on the Monica Lewinsky/Linda Tripp story," he says to the host. "We’re making that series. We’re gonna start shooting later this year." He also said that he thinks this anti-Clinton time directly played into the results of the election, and it sounds like he may be finding a way to hint at that in the show.
Based on the conversation, and the fact that Murphy will begin filming at the end of this year, it's possible that the series could premiere right around the 2018 midterm elections, as Vox points out. Murphy will also start filming the second (based on the murder of Gianni Versace) and third (based on the time following Hurricane Katrina) installments this spring and summer, and will release the Katrina series first.
As far as casting goes for the Lewinsky story, Murphy says he will cast an unknown actress to play the intern turned punchline turned advocate. He also is finding room for his bestie, Sarah Paulson, on the series and expressed his wishes to have her portray Tripp. But no word on who will play the Clintons yet, which is what we're really all wondering.
Whoever it will be will have to work on nailing the delivery of this iconic line.

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