We're Questioning Ryan Murphy's Dedication To Sarah Paulson With This Announcement

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Ride-or-die pals Ryan Murphy and Sarah Paulson have always had each other's backs. She's made appearances in every single season of American Horror Story. Her work on American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson earned her both a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award. So it's no surprise that Murphy would include her in his upcoming work.
During an interview on Watch What Happens Live!, Murphy said that he's considering Paulson for a specific role in the upcoming Monica Lewinsky-focused season of ACS. Loyalty is one thing, but we're not quite sure Hollywood's most curious friendship is enough to convince us of this casting choice.
"I’m very interested and have talked to my good friend [...] Sarah Paulson about playing Linda Tripp," Murphy said. "So we’ll see if she agrees to do that because I always think of Sarah for everything."
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Linda Tripp
We've got a few concerns right off the bat. First, it's clear that Paulson and Pentagon employee Linda Tripp look nothing alike. Paulson has transformed her look plenty of times, but this would be going to extremes — especially if the show's producers put the actress in a fat suit.
There are other roles that Paulson could play as well. Paula Jones, for instance. Even Hillary Clinton. Plus, why not cast an unknown? Murphy has already confirmed that an unknown will play Lewinsky, so why not add another to the cast? We're all for staying true to your squad, but that doesn't mean excluding other people for the sake of your besties. Why not skip Paulson altogether? Everyone deserves a vacation, award-winning actors included.

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