See The Beast's Awkward Dinner Invitation To Belle In This New Clip

The revelations from Beauty and the Beast are coming hot and heavy. First we learned that the film would feature Disney's first openly gay character. Not only that, but there's that Harry Potter reference in the fantastic opening song.
Now, we have our first look at Belle and the Beast interacting. Well, kind of interacting. They're not in the same room. They do talk. Does that count? We're going to say it counts. They're interacting. Here's the Beast, inviting Belle to dinner.
We can see each character's traits on full display. The Beast's wounded insecurity. Belle's determination and smarts. All the talking utensils, well, talking.
Initially, this clip seems to run counter to the theory that Belle suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. Watson herself never believed it.
"Stockholm syndrome is where a prisoner will take on the characteristics of, and fall in love with, in this really strange way, their captor," she told EW. "Belle actively argues and disagrees with [the Beast] constantly. She has none of the characteristics of someone with Stockholm syndrome. Because she keeps her independence. She keeps her independence of mind."
It's true, she is trying to escape in this clip. The Beast is the one outside the door, praying that she doesn't reject him. Certainly, he doesn't appear to have the power here. Of course, she is actively trying to escape and he is trying to keep her there. Is a cringing captor any better than a confident one? It's an open question, and one that can only be solved through careful consideration. Thankfully this is a live-action adaptation and not reality.
If you're in a Beast scenario, in which your captor is a cursed and misunderstood outcast that just needs love in order to transform into a prince and restore his magic castle to glory, please get at us so we can solve this mystery. Actually, that sounds insanely creepy. Call the police first, we can wait.

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