The Feminist Anthems You Need To Start Your Day Like A Heroine

Courtesy of Regal Recordings
As everyone with an iPod and a set of speakers knows, mood is directly influenced by musical selection. Turn off the lights and play enough Joni Mitchell and I promise, you’ll be crying in no time. We have that iconic scene from Love Actually as proof.
But this isn’t the time for tearing up. No, it’s the time for tearing up the world (see what I did there?) and being your fabulous self all day long. Sometimes we need an extra nudge to reach an adequate level of fierce, and that’s where music comes in.
Booming female vocals, formidable beats, and utterly catchy melodies that promote tenets of feminism: what more could you want in a power anthem? Blast ‘em and get out your jitters before the big interview. Sneak off to the bathroom for a dance break and get a major confidence boost. Put on your makeup to tune of feminist power anthems, and foundation won’t be the only thing you’ll be applying. You’ll come away with a sheen of confidence, too.
To put it simply, these songs are medicine ingested by way of ear canal. For best results, play immediately before A. a big interview, B. a hot date, or C. every morning, because there’s no better way to start your day than as a total badass.

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