The Arrangement On E! Has An Interesting Proposal For Corinne

On Monday night we said farewell to perhaps the most entertaining Bachelor contestant of all time, Corinne. The cheese-lover's journey on the reality show has ended, but it didn't take long for another production to try to snap her up. E!'s The Arrangement, which is slated to premiere on March 5, created the perfect video in response to Corinne's departure, jokingly offering her $10 million to be a part of the show's fictional program.
The Arrangement is about The Institute of the Higher Mind, a strangely cultish organization that offers $10 million to normal people if they enter into marriage contracts with celebrities. Why, however, is uncertain. One thing is for sure, and that's that there's more to this "self help" organization that meets the mind, as well as the characters within it.
Their video message begins with a title that reads "A Message From The Institute of the Higher Mind."
"Corinne, your journey with Nick has ended," the man in the video explains. "But here at The Institute of the Higher Mind we have had our eye on you for quite some time and feel you would be the perfect candidate for a new opportunity."
"Our proposal is simple," he continues. "We will give you $10 million to enter into a contract marriage with a successful, high-profile individual from within the institute."
While it's an unconventional offor, the man notes that Corinne is an unconventional lady. And, let's be honest, if The Bachelor and The Arrangement existed in the same universe (ie. fictional) then Corinne would totally be on board for the journey. She had such a roller coaster competing for the marriage of one man that seeing her get $10 million to go straight to the altar would lead to even crazier hijinks.
Props to whoever at E! spotted the (sort-of) overlap between the two shows. We eagerly wait Corinne's response.

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