Heather Morris Is Joining Dancing With The Stars & There's One Problem With That

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I know I'm being slightly petty here, but I always relish the first few weeks of Dancing With the Stars. That's because the inexperienced celebs don't yet have a firm grasp on things like "rhythm," "beat," and "chemistry with their dance partner." The grueling rehearsal schedule whips them into shape, of course, but those first routines remind me that stars really are just like us — or at least like me, a person who is cha, cha, cha challenged.
One person not rhythmically challenged? Heather Morris. According to ET Online, the Glee actress will join the new season of Dancing With the Stars, and it's a pretty strange choice considering Morris is already a professional dancer.
Here's a little bit of background: Prior to joining the cast of Glee, Morris was a backup dancer for Queen Bey's The Beyoncé Experience world tour. In fact, she only landed the part of Brittany on Glee because she had previously taught the cast members the "Single Ladies" dance. Though she had planned on quitting dancing to pursue acting full-time, her role on Glee allowed her to incorporate both singing and dancing. Brittany was clearly the best dancer at McKinley High, and everyone was a dancer at McKinley High. The fact that the woman who played her is now vying for the ultimate prize just seems a tad unfair to all of her competitors.
While Morris might be better served as a professional dancer as opposed to a contestant, this isn't the first time that Dancing With the Stars has welcomed someone with clear dancing talent to its stage. Melanie Brown was a Spice Girl, yet still scored the gig. Sabrina Bryan played the best dancer in the Cheetah Girls squad. Nicole Scherzinger tore up the stage with burlesque pop group The Pussycat Dolls before winning the first place trophy. It's hard to argue that these ladies didn't have a clear advantage in the competition.
While I would be a tad salty if I were an average sitcom star looking to score the coveted grand prize, as a viewer, I'm delighted to see another dance routine from the former Brittany S. Pierce. It's been too long. Fingers crossed we get a "Toxic" remix right out the gate.

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