Only One Girl Showed Up To This 6-Year-Old's Birthday Party — & It Broke The Internet

Six-year-old Kinley Montgomery just got a whole bunch of new friends. When only one girl showed up to Kinley's birthday party on Saturday, her older sister Kelsey posted a photo to Twitter, BuzzFeed reports.
"My little sister's birthday party is today & only one girl showed up," she wrote with a photo of Kinley and her friend waiting for the others to arrive.
And the internet lost it. As of writing, the tweet has been retweeted more than 11,000 times. So many people have asked Kelsey if they could send cards and presents for Kinley that she's going to open a P.O. Box, she wrote in a later tweet.
And even more offered up the perfect gif, meme, or words to explain how we all feel.
Although she didn't quite understand why so many people were wishing her a happy birthday, Kinley was happy they did.
And, don't worry, she still had a great time with Jayla, the one friend who did show up.
“They were waiting for their friends to come but they never did so after about 30 minutes we decided to go in and start the game of neon mini golf,” Kelsey told BuzzFeed. “They held hands and laughed and had a good time. They played in the arcade as well and got prizes with the tickets they won together.”
While Kelsey never says why the other kids didn't show up, she did tell BuzzFeed that a lot of Kinley's friends RSVP'd but then just didn't show up on the day. When Kinley asked where all her friends were, her family told her they were all sick.
“My mom and grandma rented out the bar of a bowling alley and set up a table with her cake, balloons, silverware, ice cream and little gifts for the girls who were going to come,” she said. “All of it was princess themed.”
So Kinley and Jayla got the bowling alley to themselves, and the Internet has its fingers crossed that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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