Sean Spicer's Old White House Job Included Dressing Up As A Terrifying Easter Bunny

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The experience of having an oppressive job, or going above and beyond your job description is the stuff good character is made of, right? Most of us would rather bury said experience six feet deep, leave it for dead, and never think about it again.
Though unfortunately when you're a public figure, your past — especially if it's documented — will always come to back to haunt you.
And that's just what happened to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.
According to Mashable, back in January a Twitter user commented, "This is a picture of the new White House press secretary Sean Spicer dressed as the Easter Bunny," and included a photo of Spicer clad in a fuzzy white costume.
From the looks of it, that image was pulled from an old Washington Post story published back in 2013. The story itself more than likely trended again as Spicer took on his new role this year and people began doing a little digging.
But now it seems more images of Spicer have been popping up calling out his warm and fury past. And if you by chance have a phobia of people in fuzzy animal costumes, then look away. Then again, even if you don't have this phobia, you still may want to look away. It's that eerie.
That stare. That large head. Sheesh. It's no wonder the Easter Bunny didn't scare the children off. The best part about all of this was an accompanying interview discovered by writer Robert Schooley, "How did I not know this," he tweeted.
In recent days, Spicer has made headlines for cracking down on the slew of leaks coming from the White House, as well as barring CNN, The New York Times and other media outlets from a White House press briefing.

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