Ellen DeGeneres Gave An Entire Class College Scholarships

Photo: Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic.
In the 90s, Oprah Winfrey was the queen of daytime TV giving. She surprised viewers with amazing gifts, including cars and cash prizes. She's since retired from the game, but fear not! Ellen DeGeneres is here to fill her very expensive shoes.
On Thursday, the senior class of Brooklyn's Summit Academy Charter School appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Teachers Cheryl and Natasha joined them, unaware of what DeGeneres had up her sleeve.
The Finding Dory star told the educators two weeks prior that Walmart partnered with her to donate $25,000 to the school. She invited them back for a second visit and, of course, she had a huge surprise planned.
DeGeneres sat down with a few of the senior to get their experience at Summit Academy. Each student she spoke with had a different story. Some would be the first in their family to graduate. Others lacked confidence at other schools. They all agreed that Summit Academy was offered them an experience no other place.
After hearing their stories, DeGeneres gifted the entire class with state college scholarships. The news brought everyone in the studio — along with some watching at home — to tears. Can you blame them?
Early in the show, DeGeneres shared clips from her first meeting with Cheryl and Natasha. The two women were sitting in the studio audience when DeGeneres invited them to share their story. Cheryl and Natasha detailed the steps they're taking to help their students get the education they deserve and feel safe at school. They explained that Redhook, the neighborhood Summit Academy serves, has gone overlooked. Few residents there have college degrees, which Cheryl and Natasha hope to change. Ninety-three percent of Summit's first graduating class went to college, and they're hoping to reach 100 percent in 2017. With their level of dedication and DeGeneres' gift, they should have no problem.

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