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John Mayer Offers An Astute Critique Of The Bachelor (Take Note, ABC)

Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images.
It shouldn't surprise anybody that John Mayer is into The Bachelor. I mean, he writes about love and relationships for a living — and also the wave emoji — and has dated everyone from Katy Perry to Jennifer Aniston. He basically low-key lives the Bachelor life already.
What is a little unexpected? Apparently, Mayer is no big fan of the women cast on the show.
Mayer talked to Ellen DeGeneres about his longtime love for the show on Friday morning. "I think it would be really fun to be the Bachelor," said the 39-year-old. "[But] I don't think I would find love there, unless they would change the vetting process for who would be the contestants." Well, then.
I mean, if he's looking for his next Taylor Swift or Jessica Simpson, then yeah — the complete lack of celebrity contestants on the show might present an issue for him. But DeGeneres thinks that ABC would happily arrange a different vetting process for Mayer. "They would o that for you," she insisted. "I think we would all watch you as the Bachelor." Um, correct.
While Mayer professes to being a longtime viewer of the show, he has not been following the current season, starring Nick Viall. Why's that? The time commitment is a little too much for the singer. "I watched the first couple [of episodes]," he explained. "I love the show, but it's too much time to ask of me — two hours is a lot of buy-in time...I'll pay $50 if you just show me the entire season in 30 minutes," he laughed. "Just get me the helicopters, get me the girls crying, girls crying on helicopters. If you get tears in flight on The Bachelor, that is prime stuff."
Ya got that, Chris Harrison? Women sobbing on a jet is prime stuff.

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