This Woman Discovered Something Very Alarming About Your iPhone's Lock Mode

Your smartphone's lock mode is the grown-up version of a security blanket. Behind that passcode and thumbprint, your photos, personal info, and everything else you store on your device is safely tucked away, right? Not quite. HelloGiggles reports that one woman found out that the iPhone's lock screen isn't as secure as you think it is.
After she found an iPhone in the bathroom, Twitter user uninterested hō wanted to return it. Being the good samaritan that she is, she simply asked Siri a few questions. "What's my name?" "Who do I call most?" Even on lock mode, Siri answered like an obedient digital assistant, giving uninterested hō access to the info without a passcode or a fingerprint.
That simple interaction revealed that there's plenty of information available on locked phones. Uninterested hō returned the phone to its rightful owner, but she points out that by conversing with Siri, she could pull up the phone owner's home address, where she parked her car, and her full name. Still feel safe behind that locked phone?
Luckily, there's an easy way to keep Siri from spilling all of your secrets.
Uninterested hō explains that all you need to do is go to settings, tap on Touch ID & Passcode, and un-check a few items. (You'll need to enter your own passcode before making these changes.) She suggests Siri, Today View, and Notification View. But if you want to be super-safe, you can uncheck everything. It just takes a few seconds.
Just like that, you can consider the lock screen your security blanket once again. By restricting access to it, you'll ensure that shady creeps don't get access to your information if you ever misplace your phone.

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