11 Times Gordon Ramsay Proved That He's A Total Softie

Photo: Patrick Wymore/FOX.
Chef Gordon Ramsay is probably most well-known for screaming. And he has certainly done his fair share of it over his career. His ability to sling insults has even lead to people volunteering to be roasted by him on Twitter. But, the more we've gotten to know Chef Ramsay over the years, the more we've realized he is secretly a total softie. We'll stop short of saying he's all bark and no bite, because he can certainly be biting when he needs to be (see: Twitter roast). But knowing how quickly he can also turn into a total sweetheart has made us love him even more.
Ahead, 11 times we got to see Ramsay's sweeter side. It's not enough to make us want to sign up for one of his shows (we're still scared of becoming an idiot sandwich), but it is enough to make us wish we were a member of the Ramsay clan. Hey, they have four kids already, maybe they wouldn't mind adding an American to the bunch?

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