This 6-Month-Old Baby Can Hold A Better Plank Than You

How long can you hold a perfect plank? 30 seconds? A minute?
Well, prepare for this tiny, tiny baby to blow you out of the water. Rowan McGowan is only 6-months-old, cannot sit up on his own yet, but holds an impressive 34-second plank in a video posted to YouTube.
Rowan's mom, Dana, is a Buti yoga instructor in Kentucky, according to the Daily Mail, so it's no wonder his tiny little body can hold a plank more perfectly than most grown adults.
Throughout the video, Dana encourages her son saying, "Good plank buddy! Pull that core in tight."
"Keep going monkey," she tells him before stopping to wonder at this little human she's created. "You're amazing." And we have to agree.
Just look at his form! Only seconds after he drops the first plank, he gets right back up. When he drops one leg to the ground Rowan reminds us all of something very important when it comes to planks, and working out in general: Variation is key.
Or maybe he was just getting tired and needed a break, which is also important.
Either way, a plank that perfect definitely deserves all of the kisses little Rowan gets from his mom at the end of the video. Color us impressed.

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