This Grandma's Texts To Her Granddaughter Are Peak Cuteness

We know the expression "all the feels" is tragically overused. (What is a "feel"? And how can you have all of them simultaneously?) But we'll make an exception here. Because these grandma texts are giving us...all. the. feels.

Mashable reports that Sierra Sessions, who is from Salt Lake City, Utah, tweeted some screenshots of her grandma saying "I love you" from various locations. Wherever Grandma was β€” Einstein Bagels, her front room, the roof at work, even the shower β€” she remembered to send her granddaughter love, along with a smiling picture of herself.

"My grandma sends me these every day. She is the purest thing on the earth and we have to protect her at all costs," Sierra wrote on Twitter.

Please enjoy these priceless texts β€” and tell the people in your life you love them, often.

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