Katy Perry's Brits Performance Just Created The New Left Shark

Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.
Katy Perry, lover of props, should maybe rethink her stage set-ups for her next big performance because things keep messing up for her. The singer, who is known for her opulent costumes, set designs, and music videos, recently performed her new single, “Chained To The Rhythm” during the Brit Awards. And during her performance, Perry is once again been out-shined by one of her props-brought-to-life.
She stood surrounded by a ton of white cutout houses, about the size of her, that randomly sprung to life during the song. They danced around in (sort of) synchronization as the now blonde-haired Perry danced around the stage in a pin-striped suit.
And then one of the houses fell off the stage. A clean — no barriers — fall, straight into the audience. And Twitter is LOSING it. The moment has already been made into a clip and GIF-ed because it’s so funny (assuming no one got hurt, of course, considering it looked like a sizable distance between the stage and the ground). How in the world was this backup dancer supposed to be able to see? This was a disaster waiting to happen. Here you can see it stumbling over in the right corner.
This moment probably reminds you of an equally hilarious prop mishap which you may remember as The Left Shark. Ah, Left Shark. I am simply tickled that we get to be reminded of your existence once again; you brought viewers so much joy during the 2015 Super Bowl.
But beyond the fallen house, there are a few other elements of this 4-minute performance that we need to discuss. Perry has two ginormous skeleton puppets which many have decided are meant to represent President Donald Trump and Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The two look like muppets from hell. Perry is getting pretty good at her (not so subtle) political nods.
I get that the song is about going against conformities and breaking away from the social norms that many of us are taught to live by, and she wants her stage presence to match that but… why is Perry being so extra?! Between the first lyric video (which had tiny meals), her Grammys performance (which she sang behind a white picket fence, the official music video (which took place in a futuristic theme park) and this suburban nightmare saga, I think Perry needs to pick a theme and stick to it!!!!!!!
And to watch out for her houses. That really looked like it hurt.

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