Twitter Is Skeptical Of Emma Watson's Singing Voice

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Whenever an acclaimed actress takes a stab at being musical, it's fair to be a little dubious. We've been burned before — let us not forget when Russell Crowe tried his hand at singing in Les Miserables. Now, Emma Watson isn't known for her singing voice. (That isn't to say she can't sing, just that we've never heard her do so.) So, when she was cast as Belle in the upcoming live action version of Beauty And The Beast, we all wondered, "but can she sing?"
Well, the first clip of Watson warbling a Disney tune arrived on our feeds yesterday. The 50-second sound bite features the Harry Potter actress singing a few notes from the opening number of the musical. Twitter was quick to cry "autotune" on the clip — and lament the fact that no, it seems Emma Watson is not infallible. She has one fault: she cannot sing that well.
Responses ranged from polite, "it's a darn shame about Emma's singing voice" to genuine ire along the lines of, "why did you have to screw this up for us?"
One particularly perceptive Twitter user made this observation.
Because, unfortunately, this is what happens with beloved celebrities. We love them. Then, like fools in love, we assume they are good at everything. Finally, lo and behold, we must discover that they can't do open heart surgery. Or, for that matter, sing. It's a crushing realization, but an important step in every relationship.
That being said, this is only a small clip, and it's probably unfair to judge based on such little content. We're still pumped to see this movie — autotune or no autotune.

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