Emma Watson Can Actually Sing In Beauty & The Beast Clip

Emma Watson is already bringing an exciting energy to the live action reimagining of Beauty and the Beast. We've already talked about her feminist take on Belle, her connection with the character, and her take on the Stockholm Syndrome theory. She is, as she always does, ticking all the boxes in terms of what you want out of a public figure. But all that would be for naught if she was bad in the role. Just think of all the breathless hype around last year's big movie musical. It looked pretty ridiculous once the smart people realized that the movie was more promising than it was good. So thank heavens that Watson can actually sing. She shows off her ability in this minute-long preview clip for the song "Belle" in a pretty idyllic-seeming French village. Why is she so anxious to run off again? Well, admittedly this clip doesn't include Gaston. We imagine he has something to do with her flight instinct. Check out the clip below.

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