There’s One Bachelor That Chris Harrison Really Didn’t Like

No matter how much America hates a Bachelor star, he can usually count on the friendship of host Chris Harrison. But Harrison admitted on Live With Kelly that there was one Bachelor with whom he just didn't mesh. It wasn't a controversial one like Juan Pablo Galavis or Nick Viall, though he has admitted that Nick brought him to a "breaking point." It was season 7's Charlie O'Connell, whose brother Jerry occasionally co-hosts Kelly Ripa's show. The way he phrased it was characteristically diplomatic. "So, here’s the thing. After 15 years, 30-some odd people that have been through this show, there are people I get along with better than others, and then some that we just meld with," he said. "Charlie and I, he was just East Coast, me, Southern kid... it was like oil and water. We just didn't get along." But his explanation makes it sound like they were dealing with more than regional differences. "Now, self-admittedly, he was at a difficult point in his life," he added. "A little tumultuous. He's come back from that, thankfully." It doesn't seem easy to get on Chris Harrison's bad side, so we can't help but wonder what went on behind the scenes of season 7.

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