Chris Harrison Reaches “Breaking Point” With Nick Viall

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It's safe to say that few viewers look to The Bachelor for realistic depictions of true love. We're here for the laughs. The drama. And most importantly: those WTF! moments. So when Chris Harrison dropped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday and opened up about some very real problems he had with Bachelor Nick Viall, it was refreshing. The Bachelor host spoke candidly to DeGeneres about Viall's transformation over the course of the season. “I liked Nick, but now I’m looking at Nick and it seems like he’s guarded and he’s not sincere. Do you agree that he’s coming off that way?” DeGeneres asked. Harrison agreed, "He definitely did a 180 in the public eye, anyway, when he was on Paradise, and I think that’s when people got to see the guy that we already knew and already loved and that’s why we picked him as the Bachelor. But you’re right, at the beginning of this show, he’s kind of skating. He’s kind of just going through the paces and going through the motions and doing probably what he’s always done. Look, he’s a good-looking guy, he’s charismatic, and I bet that’s been enough for him.” That's right: Viall has done the very thing that many a "Prince Charming" have done before him: rest on his laurels, and rely on his looks. How very Gaston. But we're only two episodes into the season, and Harrison admitted to having a "come to Jesus meeting" with Viall and getting to a "breaking point." Way to light some fire under Viall's ass, Harrison.

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