Tipsy Jenny Slate In An Elevator Is All Of Us After A Night Out

You know those plush-looking benches in the elevators of fancy-schmancy hotels? That cozy-seat-for one, tempting you to indulge, despite your having only 10 seconds before hopping off the elevator? Well, Jenny Slate became all too familiar with that struggle last night. Best of all, her friends documented the entire thing. The 34-year-old comedian posted the hilarious evidence from last night on Instagram. "When your friends/WORK COLLEAGUES find you drunk in the elevator they left you in and they take pictures of you trying to figure out what's even going on," she captioned the photo.
And in case there was any confusion, Slate then sent out a tweet and honestly, we can relate. Blame the hotel! "It's the hotel's fault for placing a tiny bench in there. A boo boo is gonna sit down!"
After her unexpected breakup with Chris Evans, it's great to see the Gifted actress, having a good laugh. Particularly at her own expense.

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