8 Ways This New Ryan Gosling Movie Is Already Better Than La La Land

And just like that, Ryan Gosling is on to his next big memorable role playing a musician who falls in love and gets into trouble while trying to find success in his career and love life. In his latest indie art piece, Song To Song (previously Weightless), we are given a plot line that has hints of La La Land (it has Gosling and involves a piano) and Closer (it has Natalie Portman and wigs), but will surely not pan out to be similar to either, knowing Terrence Malik. (For reference, see: Tree Of Life and Knight Of Cups.) Basically, it looks like a better-acted, more hipster version of La La Land at first glance.
The movie premieres March 17 at South by South West in Austin (where the film takes place), but we've already dissected the first trailer, identifying the best 8 parts. And there are a lot of gems. I mean, it's a stacked cast and Gosling even dons a sleeveless cheetah tank top. Yeah — you're gonna wanna see these. (Along the way I'll also explain what bits we know about the plot.)
1. Gosling's sleeveless cheetah print shirt.
Basically, Gosling meets Mara at a party and dreamily recites to her a very cheesy pick-up line that would only work if Gosling was the one saying it. They're both musicians and living?/working?/ passing through? Austin, Texas. They fall in love.
2. Michael Fassbender's tinted shades placement, paired with his all-black suit.
Fassbender is set to be the villain in the movie. And by villain, I mean attractive, steal-your-girl kinda guy. He convinces them to make an album with him, which is the beginning to every good downfall.
3. This Legally Blonde-version of Natalie Portman.
Did it take you a minute to recognize Portman? Same. Especially in this extremely girly getup. And yes, Fassbender is in the process of seducing her. It works.
4. This Total Seb Moment.
Empty house, old piano, lonely man — ring any bells? Cough: Seb in La La Land. Maybe this is when Fassbender successfully steals his girl? Poor Gosling. I wonder if he cries in the movie.
5. Mara and Gosling's Stranger Things tribute.
Just kidding — it has nothing to do with Stranger Things. But can we ever look at Christmas lights the same ever again? Nope. This looks like an intense moment between two struggling lovers.
6. Drunk/ drugged Gosling.
I think they agree to make the album and do some drugs along the way. Just look at that smile. Who doesn't love a good "fucked up on a plane" scene?
7. Moody and brooding Fassbender.
A mysterious and maniacal Fassbender is my personal favorite. He totally fucks shit up for this happy couple. (If you're into those kind of plot lines, then watch Fish Tank.)
8. The background song, a cover of Queen and Paul Rodger's 2008 "Runaway (Crime Story)" is the perfect soundtrack.
It sets the mood for the trailer: fear, loss, anticipation, isolation. It is also a cover of the 1961 original by Del Shannon. There's also a lot of driving around in a convertible (ahem — Seb) so maybe they really runaway together? I guess we will just have to wait and see.
Watch the full trailer below.

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