This Viral McNugget Proposal Is The Ultimate Way To Pop The Question

Photo: Lauri Patterson/Getty Images.
Recently we've learned that adding food to an already romantic gesture pushes it over the edge into "sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me" territory. And apparently, for many people, McDonald's Chicken McNuggets scream "I care" louder than any other food out there. Just a few weeks after hearing about one couple's viral McNugget bouquet, we've learned about a very sweet McNugget marriage proposal.

On Valentine's Day morning, Kristian Helton popped the question to his girlfriend Karsyn. Instead of placing the engagement ring in the usual small square velvet box, though, Helton used a box he knew his girlfriend would be ever more enthusiastic about. You see, Karsyn's favorite food is McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, so Kristian thoughtfully incorporated that into his proposal.

Inside the lid of the McNuggets box, Helton wrote, "Will you McMarry Me?" and placed the ring around one of the McNuggets. Clever and sweet, this guy sounds like a catch. Karsyn, of course, said yes, and not just because she wanted to get her hands on the McNuggets, but we're sure that didn't hurt.

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