Guy Gives Girlfriend A Bouquet Of Chicken McNuggets, Proves True Love Exists

Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's.

This time of year can cause some of us who are unattached to incessantly whine to our friends, "Ugh, I just wanna find someone who gets me." It's understandable. The search for love or even just companionship can get discouraging, especially for us truly unique flowers. Well, speaking of unique flowers, a couple just gave us hope that we too will find our soulmates, and they did it with one very original and delicious bouquet.

Here's the story: Annika Aguinaldo is not a big fan of flowers. Some people may find that a little odd, but her boyfriend, Rico, didn't bat an eye when she shared that little quirk. Instead, he came up with a romantic way to express how much cares using something she does like: McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. Rico didn't just get her a box of the chicken nuggets. No, he went above and beyond and crafted her a bouquet of McNuggets.

Annika tweeted a photo of the McNuggget bouquet, and it obviously went viral because who doesn't like a nice love story? Since being posted, the Tweet has been liked over 38,000 times. And, the bouquet even got the attention of McDonald's.
If this gal found someone who not only gets her obsession with Chicken McNuggets but also goes out of his way to embrace it, there's certainly hope for the rest of us.

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