This La La Land Song Sounds Suspiciously Familiar

In addition to its charming love story, La La Land has been critically acclaimed for its unique soundtrack. But after you hear a certain other tune, it may not sound as unique anymore. "Mia and Sebastian’s Theme" sounds quite a bit like a song that's popular in Greece, Hello Giggles reports. Chris Kaltsas, a Greek DJ, played the theme song on his radio show Wednesday alongside Dimitra Galani's number from 2013. You can hear the comparison starting at around 26 seconds.
Now, let's listen to them separately. Here's the La La Land track written by Justin Hurwitz.
And here's Galani's song, "What If." The singing is something new, but the intro is uncanny.
It's not quite uncanny enough, though, to warrant accusations of plagiarism. We're chalking the resemblance up to a cool coincidence.

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