Nick Gets Grilled By Corinne’s Nanny In New Bachelor Promo

Photo: Jeff Daly/ABC.
Pictured: Nick and Corinne shop 'til they drop in next week's episode.
Usually, the scariest thing on a Bachelor hometown date is an overprotective, gun-owning Daddy, a confrontational big brother, or a lovelorn ex. In Nick Viall's case, however, it might be a nanny best known for her cheese pasta and cucumber slices. ABC has released a new promo for next week's episode, in which Nick will travel to meet the families of Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, and Corinne. Rachel's mother wants his take on interracial relationships, probably knowing full well that her daughter is not going to end up with this fool. Raven and Vanessa's fathers get serious. And, surprise surprise, it's Nanny Raquel who puts her beloved Corinne's crush in the hot seat. "What is your intention with her?" Raquel asks Nick, no doubt hoping it involves teaching her charge how to pick up a knife and slice her own damn cukes. If you want more spoiler-y action (and stop reading if you don't), consider this description of next Monday's episode from the show's press team. "Raven meets him in Hoxie, Arkansas, and the cute couple have some great, sexy fun, but Raven’s father reveals some serious news," the media brief reads. "Then, it is on to Dallas where Rachel and Nick confront the challenges that might meet an interracial couple. Corinne is waiting in Miami where her father waits with some tough questions. Finally, Nick travels to Montreal to reunite with Vanessa. Although her special-needs adult students give him a big thumbs up, things don’t go quite so well with her big Italian family, especially after her father drops a bomb about Nick that has Vanessa questioning their relationship. Just as Nick gets ready to make the gut-wrenching decision to send one woman home, he gets a surprise visitor, who could change everything." We'll let you wait 'til the end of this sneak peek to see just who that "surprise visitor" is.

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