This Prismatic Palette Gives Your Skin An Out-Of-This-World Glow

Some might be inclined to call the new Laura Mercier Prismatic Glow palette the latest addition to the unicorn makeup category, but we’re afraid that would be reductive. True, it’s all the things you’d look for in a unicorn-themed debut, but you don’t have to be a member of the mythical creature fan club to love this upcoming release. (Which is good, because not everyone is into the unicorn thing. There, we said it.)

Fortunately, this product will appeal to both camps. In fact, it’ll appeal to just about anybody who has “radiant skin” on their list of priorities.

Featuring five shades of creamy, incandescent highlighter, the palette allows you to customize your glow by layering the multidimensional tones or wearing them solo. Aurora is a warm peachy pink; Prism is a rich, cool-toned gold; Beam is a blue-leaning silver; and Ray is a soft opalescent beige. The formula of each is incredibly lightweight, with no sticky finish to be found, so it's just as pleasant to wear and apply as it is to look at.

And at $52 for the set, the price goes down pretty easily, too, if you think about it like this: You're only paying about $10.40 per satiny, subtly reflective, high-quality highlighter. Deal! Beginning in March, when the palette hits Sephora stores nationwide, you’ll be able to transform your face into something so fantastically radiant, people might question whether you're even of this world.

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