James Corden Tried "Carpool Karaoke" At The Grammys & Things Got Awkward

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
It was only a matter of time before James Corden brought his signature segment "Carpool Karaoke" to The Grammys. The bit's a fun one — there's a car, a comedian, a musician, and some jamming tunes. For his Grammys rendition though, the late night host chose to sing the song "Sweet Caroline," which seems like a good decision. "Sweet Caroline" is your karaoke bread-and-butter. You hear it at weddings, bat mitzvahs, high school dances, office Christmas parties, and the like. Ostensibly, everyone knows the lyrics. But wait a minute — does anyone know the lyrics to "Sweet Caroline"? It seems that a select few celebrities certainly do not.

When James Corden and his crew of celebrity musicians — that includes Jason Derulo, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, John Legend, Ryan Tedder, Jennifer Lopez and Neil Diamond — gathered around a makeshift car for the Grammys, they attempted a rousing rendition of "Sweet Caroline," but few seemed to know the words. Even Neil Diamond, the man who sings the damn song, looked a more than a little clueless.

To be fair, the song came out in 1969. I'd wager most people only know the important parts of the song: "Sweet Caroline" and the boppy "bah bah bahs." If you're a really savvy listener, you might also sing along when he shouts, "so good!"

Of course, all of these antics pale in comparison to the arrival of Blue Ivy Carter, who joined the party near the end of the song. When Beyoncé's daughter, dressed in a pink suit, entered the frame, we didn't have eyes for anyone else. Who cares about "Sweet Caroline"? There's a baby Bey in the picture.

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