Melissa McCarthy Returns To Saturday Night Live To Slay As Sean Spicer

Photo: Will Heath/NBC.
This week's Saturday Night Live is a highly anticipated political A-bomb. Well, if you're in the Trump administration and think it's a problem to have a woman playing male members of your administration, as the president reportedly did after last week's amazing sketch starring Melissa McCarthy as Press Secretary Sean Spicer.
McCarthy returned in this week's cold open with her Sean Spicer impression, and it was just as magical as last week's triumphant debut. When the New York Times asks about the travel ban, Spicer says Trump plans to take it to the People’s Court where the case are real, and the rulings are final.
Later in the show, Alec Baldwin dusted off his Trump impersonation and really did take those three federal judges to the People's Court. The TV judge, played by Cecily Strong, spoke for almost all of us when she told Trump he's doing too much. We just want to chill and watch the Grammys tonight, so could you turn down for a day?
Another standout skits from the night included Kate McKinnon reprising Kellyanne Conway to Beck Bennett's Jake Tapper in a horrifyingly real sketch based on Fatal Attraction.
We also want to give a shout out to Beyoncé's babies. Please let one of them be Tracy Morgan.
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