Kelly Ripa’s Gross-Sounding Guac Hack Is Actually Genius

Photo; Andrew H. Walker/REX/Shutterstock.
Kelly Ripa does something unusual to enhance her guacamole — and don't worry, it doesn't involve peas. Instead, her secret ingredient is water, which she pours on top of the dip. We know — nobody wants that on their chips. But nobody wants brown guac either, and once you strain it, you're left with no water or brown. "You know how it gets brown on the top and you’re like, scraping it off? Make your guacamole and top it with a half an inch of water," she said on Live! With Kelly. "I know it sounds crazy, but you put it in the fridge, and it prevents oxygen from entering and browning. The water won’t soak in, you can just dump it off the top."

's Catherine Kast did an experiment to test it out. She put guac in two separate bowls, one with water and one with only plastic wrap, and tried them the next day. "Ripa’s version admittedly didn’t look appetizing: The water on the surface had become cloudy," she wrote. But once she poured out the excess liquid, the guac was slightly thin but perfectly tasty. She doesn't say whether it came out less brown than the plastic-wrapped version, which had "no brown spots in sight" itself, perhaps because it was only there for one night. The main difference she observed was the texture. So, she concluded, "If you’re someone who prefers a creamier guacamole, Ripa’s hack will be your new best friend." It sounds a little gross at first, but it just may be worth a try.

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