The Internet Reacts To Trump’s Muslim Ban Defeat

Twitter reacted swiftly to the news that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously upheld an earlier ruling putting a stay on President Donald Trump's ban on travel from seven majority-Muslim countries. The ruling pointed out that Department of Justice lawyers failed to prove "that any alien from any of the countries...has perpetrated a terrorist attack." Though the battle could be escalated to the U.S. Supreme court, the court has the potential for deadlock unless nominee Neil Gorsuch is rammed through his confirmation process at unprecedented speed. That didn't stop President Trump, however, from immediately tweeting that the security of the nation is at risk.
There is no evidence to suggest that there's an imminent terrorist threat posed by the refugee of any of those countries. Indeed, as we said earlier, no person from those countries has ever perpetrated a terrorist attack. The move is a continuation of Trump's attempt to discredit the judiciary by falsely equating the status of his Muslim ban with national security. Gorsuch, Trump's conservative nominee to the Supreme Court, called Trump's attacks "disheartening." Hillary Clinton, who beat Donald Trump by about 3 million in the popular vote but lost in the electoral college, tweeted her pleasure with the ruling.
Comments from journalists highlighted key parts of the ruling.
Senator Chuck Schumer, Democratic minority leader, called on Trump to recognize that he had been beaten.
The Washington Attorney General's office celebrated their victory.
Republican Senator Tom Cotton wasted no time in decrying what he called a partisan ruling.

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