Gordon Ramsay Just Weighed In On A Great Debate

Photo: Patrick Ecclesine/FOX.
One of our favorite celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsay, talked straight to the people earlier this week in his third Reddit AMA. Ramsay is currently working on several new projects — like teaching an online masterclass, filming another season of Hell's Kitchen, and bringing a new cooking competition show to America — so he took to Reddit to discuss those ventures and answer any questions users had to ask. We learned some very helpful cooking tips and got great ideas for first date dishes and go-to vegan recipes. Most importantly, though, Chef Ramsay gave us super-fans some very fun facts about himself and his eating habits. Ramsay taught us that his top five most essential vegetables are tomatoes, parsnips, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. He praised each for their versatility and said they are all perfect additions to any home garden. On the meatier side of things, good ole Gordon talked Philly cheese steaks and what he likes to put on his. He prefers extra mature cheddar cheese and chunkier steak pieces inside the sandwich. According to Chef Ramsay, slicing the steak too thin removes all the "goodness." Some Reddit users asked the celebrity chef to weigh in on tough issues, forcing him to pick sides in a few great food debates. Slightly out of character for him, Gordon gave very diplomatic answers. Menageatrois97 asked if he like thick crust or thin crust pizza better, and he explained that it all depends on the toppings. He wrote, "So, if I was going for a sort of Italian style sort of salami, pepperoni, hot then thin. If I was going for something a little bit more classic, Mid-West style, I'd go thick, but generally, 75% of them are all thin. Thin thin thin, all the way." Another hard question, this time from a user named coolLane, was "which do you prefer, waffles or pancakes?" To this one, Gordon Ramsay simply said, "Waffles on Saturday, pancakes on Sunday." A succinct and perfect answer that will probably inform our weekend meal choices for the rest of our lives.

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