What’s Crazier: This Kim Kardashian Tattoo Or Her 50 Million Followers?

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
Today is a very special day for Kim Kardashian. I mean, being one of the most famous (and infamous) people in the world means that everyday bears some air of specialness, but today, February 9, 2017, is just really friggin special. You see, Kardashian reached 50 million followers on Twitter. The social media lover is now the ninth most followed celebrity on Twitter, thanks to her quality tweets. (This is terrible news for all of haters.) In honor of her landmark number of followers, she started going through and responding to some of the tweets, and one of them caught our eye because it is the wildest Kim Kardashian tweet of all time. Twitter user "wtfj0n" has a ginormous thigh tattoo of Kim Kardashian's name. Yes, a tattoo of her NAME on his THIGH. He's very proud of it, even including the fun fact in his profile bio, and Kardashian herself gave the bold permanent ink her seal of approval. "Omg this tattoo is everything!!!! I love you!!!" she wrote back to the fan.
Yes, that is a real tattoo. And he's ready for more. In his original tweet to her, he also offered to add a few more tats based on Kardashian's Kimoji app, which she updated for Valentine's Day. After looking at a few of the latest additions, which Kardashian teased on her profile, here are my favorites — I expect to see at least one of these on the other thigh of "wtfj0n" some day soon.

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