Editors Drank Coffee Like The Gilmore Girls & This Is What Happened

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What, you didn't think the end of last year's revival series meant that we were actually done talking about (and hypothesizing about, and rolling our eyes about) the Gilmore Girls, did you? Never. The Gilmores' latest appearance in our hearts and minds is thanks to a recent highly scientific office experiment that is equal parts fascinating and disgusting — all courtesy of Mashable. "Some coworkers and I are going to try to replicate Lorelai's coffee-drinking habits for one week," explains Mashable staffer Francesca, the experiment's apparent ringleader, in the video below. What, precisely, are Lorelai's coffee-drinking habits? Well, in the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls, she pounds about six cups per day (impressive, since she still has five seasons to go before her "coffee, coffee, coffee" order). So the fearless folks at Mashable took that number and ran with it. These valiant researchers committed to drinking six cups (at least eight ounces each) of black coffee per day for a week — all in the name of science and Stars Hollow. The result? Headaches, dehydration, and even some vomit. Not exactly mainstay qualities of the quaint and quirky daily lives of Gilmores. But also not surprising, given what we know about caffeine's many effects on our health, sleep, you name it. And since we know for a (also clearly super-scientific) fact that Lorelai and Rory drank a combined 503 cups of coffee over the course of the series' initial seven-season run, we can say with utmost confidence: Kids, do not try to replicate this particular aspect of the Gilmore lifestyle at home. You're not also thinking of copying the bizarre eating habits of TV's favorite nutrient-averse mother-daughter pair, are you? Because we did that research on our own, and you'd be much better off just eating like a two-year-old.

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