How Many Cups Of Coffee Did The Gilmore Girls Actually Drink?

Photo: PhotoFest.
Gilmore Girls is known for two things: rapid, pop culture-laced dialogue, and unnaturally high coffee consumption. The Gilmores don't just drink a ton of coffee, they talk about it incessantly. They plan out how they can get enough, discuss how they didn't get enough, and complain about the barriers to consuming it. But, just how many cups did the well-caffeinated women consume over the course of seven seasons? A few folks over at young adult literature blog Forever Young Adult kept a running tally of the coffee count per episode. When you add all the java up, the pair polished off 503 cups over the course of the entire series. The first season had the highest consumption at 80 cups (makes sense, they had to stay alert through a new school, two break-ups and an engagement). The least caffeinated season was five, when some of the best and worst decisions happened. Fifteen-years after the first episode premiered, and coffee still seems like the most appropriate beverage to pair with your marathon — but now you have the option of leveling up to a PSL.

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