Twitter’s Sad Tom Brady Schadenfreude Is Running Amok

Tom Brady has drawn the ire of progressive America for his support of President Donald Trump. The Patriots star put a "Make America Great Again" hat in his locker long before Trump became even the Republican nominee. Trump is fond of reminding people at more or less every opportunity that he has the quarterback's support. Brady also said it "would be great" if Trump became President. Um, ok Tom. Meanwhile, Brady spent the run-up to the Super Bowl using the world's flimsiest excuse to avoid talking about why he supports Trump. “What’s going on in the world?” Brady told the New York Daily News. “I haven’t paid much attention. I’m just a positive person.” Tom, come on. Now, he's spent the first half of the Super Bowl serving up meatballs for Atlanta's secondary bat down or return for a touchdown. And Twitter is having a bit of fun with #sadtombrady. Or, should we say "Sad! Tom Brady." We would be sad, too, if we were giving up touchdowns like this.
Here are a few of the best tweets.
Poor Tom Brady. Life comes at you fast, and the Falcons come at you even faster.

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