Is Pretty Little Liars Hinting At A Happy Ending?

Photo: Eric McCandless/Freeform.
It's no secret that love will play a significant role in the possibly final season of Pretty Little Liars, but creator I. Marlene King is teasing just how romantic season 7 is going to get. Seriously, you may get a toothache from all this sweetness. According to Cosmopolitan, King has been tweeting lovey-dovey lines from series finale that should make shippers very happy. Citing the characters' couple names, King teased a few lines that hint there may be a lot of happy endings in this series finale. King shared a line from Emison — Alison DiLaurentis and Emily Fields: "I’m actually trying to right now if you would just give me a second." It's a clue that these two may finally define their relationship.
Hanna and Caleb, a.k.a. Haleb, are having a real heart-to-heart that may or may not have to do with the fact that he dated her best friend. "That's exactly why we need to talk about it," one of them is going to say. Spencer and Toby, better known as Spoby, are getting very nerdy and showing off their vocabulary: "Limerence. I looked up." We also looked up what this word meant in the dictionary, and its definition could be a good thing or a dreadful one since limerence means to be in a state of infatuation with someone. We imagine King knew that when she teased this line.
King also probably knew what she was doing when she chose not to tease any dialogue between Aria and Ezra, the show's most romantic couple. King teased that there will be at least two weddings in the final season leading many to believe Ezria making a trip down the aisle. Now she's asking you to guess who else may be joining them. Maybe all three? You'll have to wait and see when season 7 premieres on Freeform, Tuesday, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET.

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