Pretty Little Liars Might Not End With Season 7 After All

Photo: Freeform/Byron Cohen
Pretty Little Liars will air its final 10 episodes beginning April 18, but according to showrunner I. Marlene King, we might not have to say goodbye to our Rosewood adventures just yet. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, King has given the PLL Army some hope: What we think is the end of PLL might not be the end forever. During the Television Critics Association press tour, King revealed: “There are so many ways to revisit characters and worlds... It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to this group of people but I kept saying, ‘We’ll find a way to bring these characters and this world back at some point in time.’" Uh... did the PLL showrunner just confirm a revival is on the horizon? It certainly sounds like that's what she's implying, and it's the best PLL news I've heard since that of Wren's return. My heart broke when I learned that PLL would be ending after season 7, despite my relief that A's identity would finally be revealed. (It's Lucas. It has to be Lucas.) Returning to Rosewood — even if it is eventually, and not in just a few months — makes the show's end a little less tragic. Unfortunately, the upcoming 10 episodes will be the last for a while. King clarified that should a revival happen, it won't be in the near future: "I don’t think it’ll be in two years, but [it may happen] at some point in time.” While it sucks that we could wait a decade for more PLL (Gilmore Girls certainly took its sweet time to nab a Netflix revival) the good news is that when Pretty Little Liars does conclude, it will finally tie up all of those loose ends. We may not be getting more episodes, but at least we'll finally get conclusive answers to all of our questions.

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