This Is Why Everyone Thinks Aria & Ezra Will Get Married On Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars showrunner I. Marlene King has already promised at least two weddings during the show's final 10 episodes — and now fans suspect that one of these nuptials will be Aria and Ezra's. Despite Ezra's romantic proposal to Aria — which she eventually accepts — the former teacher and student's relationship hung very much in the balance when the series went on hiatus. During the season 7A finale, Ezra's missing girlfriend Nicole was found alive, leaving poor, newly engaged Aria to watch Ezra embrace another woman in a joyous, televised reunion. The discovery of Ezra's long-lost love could be enough to pump the brakes on an Ezria wedding, but fans have discovered a clue suggesting these two may be getting hitched after all. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that actress Lucy Hale seemed to be sporting a wedding veil in an Instagram photo taken by her on-screen love interest, Ian Harding.
Notice that white poofy thing behind Aria's — er, Hale's — head? Aria wears some wacky accessories, but we're pretty sure that wearing a wedding veil for fun would be beyond the pale. Some fans went so far as to point out other social media photos that seemed to include the veil and other wedding-esque items, like fancy earrings and a lace dress. (Aria did tell Ezra that her wedding dress was very delicate and lacy...)
Then there's the fact that Hale shared this photo of her and on-screen dad Chad Lowe, who could be rocking a suit because he's walking Aria down the aisle.
There is one issue with this theory, of course: Just because Aria is getting married, doesn't mean it will necessarily be to Ezra. Well, okay, it probably will — but let's not forget that Jason DiLaurentis is still waiting in the wings. He may be Ali's brother, but hey, at least Aria wouldn't be marrying her former English teacher.

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