What Went Down At Taylor Swift’s Only Concert Of 2017

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If Taylor Swift's only playing one show in 2017, you better believe she's going to make it a memorable one. Swift kicked off Super Bowl weekend with a Houston concert that had her performing classics like 2008's "You Belong To Me," which she noted had a very obvious football connection. According to Billboard, before playing the song she told the crowd, "I wrote a song when I was 16 that features, like, cheer captains and bleachers, and I don't know, I felt like it might be appropriate to play tonight." Swift also thought it would be appropriate to debut her latest single "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" for the first time live. Unfortunately, it was without her duet partner Zayn Malik. With just her acoustic guitar, Swift slowed things down for a more intimate take on the Fifty Shades Darker track that had fans singing along. A fact Swift was well aware of. "Had such a great time playing 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' for the first time live tonight," she wrote on Instagram. "Although we missed you @zayn, the crowd sang so loud!!"
Swift pulled off another first in Houston by playing a song she wrote, Little Big Town's "Better Man," for the first time live. "Performing 'Better Man' tonight for the first time," she captioned a shot on Instagram. "Sending so much love and gratitude to @littlebigtown."
Swift also had a special announcement about herself, and it was one that fans likely didn't want to hear. "As far as I know this is the only show I'll play in 2017," Swift told the crowd. "By coming to this show tonight you are attending 100% of this year's tour dates." To put a happy face on this news, though, no tour in 2017 it likely means she's working on a follow-up to 2014's 1989 for 2018.
Swift didn't talk about that possibility, but she did give fans a show that would hopefully tide them over until the next time. It was a concert that included pre-show makeover tables where fans could get glammed up for the show and a DJ set from her friend Ruby Rose. "Want to play a really cool low key party they said," Rose joked on Instagram. "Just me, @jessicaveronica and 10,000 of Taylor's closest friends."
While Swift was posting photos of her cats hanging out before the show, some fans were upset that they showed up ready to watch Swift at 4 p.m., when the live stream was said to start, only to find themselves staring at a wall of flowers. It did bring out some sweet Swift gifs, though.

Backstage in Houston.

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There was another wall that Swift had at her show. This one, though, was far more delicious.

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