Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: “Chapter Fifty-Five”

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It was hard to predict what was going to happen to this show. Where would the characters be? Is Jane OK? Will Rafael have prison beard? Would the first episode without Michael focus on Jane’s life without him? This episode did focus on Jane’s life without Michael, but it didn’t at the same time. This was handled perfectly, and believably. This is exactly how a loss is present in your life: Your life moves on, and great things can happen to you. But despite great things happening, they always manage to come up and you miss them, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Except, I guess, have a Zen Rafael with a prison beard to snap you out of it. In a time of darkness for Jane and for the viewers, they made life beautiful again. They let some light in when we really needed it. I mean, at least I did. Because this is Jane the Widow, and it’s supposed to be fun most of the time! Everyone is pretty much where we left off, but a few changes. The time jump was such a strong choice. The show was getting a bit repetitive, and changing the narrative and the situations of all its characters elevate it in a way that feels just as fresh as season one. Although none of the characters have changed a lot, they’ve changed in significant ways that makes the flashbacks to the three years we’ve missed all the more interesting (and necessary). Turns out, Petra’s pretty good at this motherhood thing. Successfully raising Ellie and Anna while Rafael was in prison has awoken a confidence in her that she never had before, that was always her setback in all of her canoodling. Now she’s turned her life around for her kids and for herself. And she’s turned The Marbella into the second happiest place on Earth in an attempt to erase the trauma and all the murders that happened there before. But The Marbella will always be The Marbella, and Scott (#Vests) was buried on the beach. I’m hoping that buried “treasure” has something to do with Rose and the change in the blueprints. So glad she can still have her thing with Chuck -- he seems fun and his office is kind of my aesthetic right now. Rogelio and Darci are no more. Rogelio is pretty much the same, but humbler. Three years ago, Rogelio wouldn’t have given up his reality show for Xo. But everything else about him is the same, and it must stay that way. Not surprised about their break-up, because I don’t think he and Xo are done yet, romantically. Sorry, Bruce! Now on to Jane, finally! Jane is much stronger than I anticipated. Jane’s always been strong, and can be stubborn enough to hide her weaknesses sometimes, but I’m really proud of her. She’s taking on her situation head on, always with Abuela’s amazing advice on her mind. The opening scene of the episode with Abuela telling her, “you will be OK and your life will be beautiful again” was heartbreaking, and exactly why the writers chose to move the story forward this far: They didn’t want this show to turn into Jane the Griever. Jane’s life is beautiful now, just as it always was. But there’s still some darkness. There always will be. Michael is always on her mind. She’s not over it, but she never will be. Plus her job is terrible because her boss is a horrible person (been there), and on top of it all Mateo has behavior issues. But when he’s not misbehaving he is the cutest! It’s rare to see a parenting storyline like this on television, and I’m glad it’s happening here. Despite the darkness, Jane manages to find the light. She always will, and she’ll always fight to let it out. She got a book deal! Mateo’s martial arts classes are helping (kind of)! And she has Rafael in her life. I love seeing this relationship #TeamRafael. I don’t think their relationship will evolve much more than this for the time being, but there’s always hope. Zen Rafael (whose beard is amazing, by the way) is Jane’s rock. Her best friend. I cried more than I did last week when Zen Rafael encouraged Jane to suck it up and read her book. In dark times, we need people to get us out and inspire us. If Zen Rafael wasn’t there to push Jane into facing her heartbreak, she probably wouldn’t have gotten a call about a book deal. Also some light among the darkness? Jane’s hair looks amazing. Although brief, it was lovely to see Jane and Petra’s relationship in the time we missed. They were both missing important men in heir life at the same time, and despite their differences in the past, they were there for each other. Female friendships on TV are the best. Jane and Petra will never be best friends, but they’re family and they’ll always be there for each other. And Petra will always be there to discipline Mateo, whether Jane likes it or not.
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