Jane the Virgin Had Sex & It Was Really, Really Bad

Photo: Courtesy of The CW.
Congratulations are in order for Jane Villanueva Cordero, who had sex for the first time ever on Monday night. Yahoo! Props are also due to Jane the Virgin as a whole, given how fantastically the show handled Jane's first foray under the sheets. It's a big moment for any woman, but especially one whose identity is so tied to her virginity. And the buildup has been a long time coming: The newlyweds almost got it on last season, but then Michael went and got himself shot. That's why we're so happy to finally report that Jane's first time was absolutely terrible. Yes, that's right.
In Monday night's episode, we learn that Jane faked an orgasm when she initially slept with Michael. And the few times after that were equally unsuccessful. While we didn't see any actual sex (womp, womp) — all we got were some cute animations — we witness how excruciatingly awkward the couple is in the aftermath. Any of Jane's idyllic notions of romantic lovemaking are shattered by the reality of bad sex, and her attempts to remedy the situation (with lube, for example) only make things worse. And Michael gets mad at Jane for spilling their bedroom problems to her best friend Lina.
So, props to the show for telling it like it is: It's common for people to not enjoy sex the first — and second, third, fourth, and fifth — times they do it, even if the chemistry is there. But at the same time, it would've been great to see Jane the Virgin play this realistic (and still comical) narrative out a bit longer. Wrapping up their major intimacy issues in the span of one episode takes away from the realness of the story line. Now that sex is finally on the table for the show, we hope they continue to address it with humor, and even more candor and authenticity. And maybe show a little butt.

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