Khloé Kardashian Opens Up About Losing Her Father

Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Fortune.
In a sneak peak of this Thursday's Revenge Body episode shared by E!, Khloé Kardashian describes what it was like to lose her dad, Robert Kardashian Sr, as a teen. "My dad died in 2003. I was 19. When it set in I was like… you spiral. And for me, my spiral was food," she tells a contestant whose dad also passed away at a young age. "And I gained so much weight because I was so internally, just suppressing so many things that it was like eating me alive. And I was literally eating everything. But we can't let these tragic things ruin the rest of our lives." As we've said before, we don't condone the body-shaming or weight loss tactics on Revenge Body. Yes, the emotions Kardashian talks about are worth addressing, and the emotional eating she describes can be used a way of avoiding them. But gaining weight is not equivalent to ruining your life, and losing it won't help you overcome a tragedy. We do sympathize with Khloé's loss, though. She's also written about the deep impact her dad's death had on her spirituality. "I didn't understand why someone who was so great, my dad — why he would be taken away," she wrote for Lenny Letter. "I was young and I needed someone to blame for what had happened. But then I started to process the end of my father's life, and it changed something inside me."

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