Whole Foods Just Added ANOTHER Awesome Feature To One Of Its Stores

Welcome to the Whole Foods of the future.

A new location opened up by Manhattan's Bryant Park this weekend, and it's not your ordinary grocery store. In addition to several on-site restaurants, it's got something we've never seen before: a "produce butcher."

An Instagram photo shows the enclave where they chop up mushrooms, lettuce, and other vegetables and fruits to the customer's liking.
The new store also has a "Harbor Bar" with raw oysters, lobster rolls, and other seafood.
On top of that, it's got a new chapter of New York's famous Frankies Spuntino Group, a Seed + Mill tahini cart, and Detroit deep dish pizza. Whole Foods' Instagram also promises a mysterious "toast venue."
Several other Whole Foods stores recently installed mochi bars for people to curate their own assortments of the Japanese dough-wrapped ice cream. There's no guessing what they'll come up with next.

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