Whole Foods Is Adding An Amazing New Feature To Some Of Its Stores

If you've been going to Whole Foods for kale and quinoa, that's all well and good, but did you know that some stores are starting to stock a food item that's way more exciting? More and more locations of the grocery chain have begun introducing self-serve Mochi ice cream bars, and we want in. If you aren't familiar with this Japanese sweet treat, they're basically little balls of ice cream surrounded by pounded sticky rice, or what's known in Japan as Mochi. The new Mochi bars at Whole Foods could be the ideal place to dip your toes in the Mochi ice cream pool because each bar is stocked with tons of different flavors. And, the fact that it's a self-serve bar makes it a perfect spot for taste-testing. You'll find flavors you're used to, like chocolate, and some that might seem a little more exotic, like lychee. No matter your feelings on which flavors taste best, though, side by side, the multicolored Mochi ice cream is an Instagram dream come true. Feast your eyes:

Mochi galore!

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According to PopSugar, which drew our attention to this exciting store addition, folks in the Fremont, CA and Wheaton, IL areas can already taste from the Mochi freezer bar in the bakery sections of their local Whole Foods. These new Mochi ice cream bars are sure to add a little fun and a lot of color to your usual shopping trips. Read these stories next:
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