The Internet Comforted This Man After A Devastating Hot Chocolate Fiasco

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we can only imagine the heartbreaking story behind one Redditor's hot chocolate disaster. The image, uploaded on Wednesday, shows a scene of epic destruction: a perfectly-made cup of hot chocolate...with the bottom fallen out.
In response to such a tragedy, the internet is doing one of the things the internet does best: coming together to comfort and support those in need. The original poster, who goes by the username CammaJamma, has received over 1,000 comments on the photo to date. "Just stay home. When your day starts like this, nothing good can come from it," counsels one user. But another person had a more optimistic interpretation. "[T]hat was you using all your allotted bad luck for the day, it can only go up from there! Go buy a lotto ticket or something." Still others were quick to throw in a pun or two. "You got mugged," one commenter chimed in, maybe because he or she knows laughter is the best medicine. While there's no update yet on how CammaJamma plans to heal and repair after this disaster, at least he knows the internet has his back.

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