This Might Be The Best Response To Makeup Shaming We've Seen

The only acceptable response to being told you should "wear less makeup" is a long, exaggerated eye roll. It's a purely subjective preference — not to mention judgmental statement — that should never be dignified with an actual reply. But, on days an eye roll just won't do it, this makeup artist found an unexpected, and totally on point, way of saying what we're all thinking — without uttering so much as a word.
The Miami-based MUA, who goes by the username agentsometime on Reddit, shared the look to the Makeup Addiction subreddit with the caption, “When someone tells you to stop wearing so much makeup.” Needless to say, the response speaks for itself. Just imagine how much energy you’ll save not having to respond to anything you disagree with ever again — whether that's someone telling you to lay off the highlighter or ordering you to smile on the street. The answer is always nope.

While wearing the words "nope" on your face 24/7 may not be the most practical idea, it is a good reminder that you don’t owe anyone a damn thing, especially when it comes to beauty. Just ignore the haters — and if all else fails, staring 'em down with a razor-sharp cat-eye should do the trick.

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