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Milo Ventimiglia Will Have To Come Over & Dry Our Tears For The This Is Us Finale

Late last night, while many of us were still teeming with delighted confusion over Winona Ryder's facial expressions and other such SAG Awards happenings, Milo Ventimiglia responded to a tweet. The This Is Us star got candid when actor Ryan Rottman enthused over the show. "If your [sic] not watching This Is Us do yourself a favor and get on it ASAP!! @MiloVentimiglia is phenomenal. Way to go brotha."
Ventimiglia then responded, "Appreciate that bud. Just read the season finale. Holy shit hang onto your loved ones you're gonna need a hug. MV"
But bro, we didn't even ask for that emotional cliffhanger. Ignorance is bliss. A simple "Thanks Man!" would've sufficed. Now, we demand details! How is it that the weepiest show on television (and available to binge on Hulu; newbies watch at your own risk) is now getting...even weepier? Milo, can you at least give us a happy spoiler, too? Will papa William make a miraculous recovery? Fans also let out a collective oh nooo! over the reveal.
Though, user @Agirl19 had the right idea, "R u offering to hold us n dry our tears," she said.
Ventimiglia stopping by the Refnery29 offices, box of tissues in hand, might just make us feel prepared to sit through this gut-wrenching season finale.

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